Products Liability

Dangerous Products

Products Liability Defective or dangerous products can cause property damage as well as substantial personal injury. These companies can be held accountable by working with a Denver defective product lawyer. Although consumers who purchase products expect them to perform as advertised, these products can cause you harm, and this occurs more frequently than you think.

Too often people suffer catastrophic injury through no fault of their own. Manufacturers are held to standards when it comes to their products, and anytime that defective or dangerous products are placed in the hands of consumers, these manufacturers can be held accountable. The responsibility for product associated injuries may lie with multiple entities, including the distributor, manufacturer, designer, or seller of the product. This all begins with the comprehensive investigation of your situation to better understand next steps

What to Do If You’ve Been Seriously Injured by a Product

Most serious accident victims have a maximum of two years from the date of their accident or injury to file a legal claim. Surviving victims can also file their lawsuit sooner than that point. Speaking with an attorney as soon as possible will help you understand what is involved and how to take your next steps. During an initial consultation, you’ll learn the most important facets of an injury claim and how we can offer you personal support and guidance through this process.

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